Tariq Murgh Pulao Menu & Contact Number, Reviews and Address Near me

Tariq Murgh Pulao Menu information:

Murgh Pulao

Item Description Price
Classic Murgh Pulao Aromatic rice with tender chicken and spices PKR 300
Murgh Nalli Pulao Rice with chicken and marrow bones for extra flavor PKR 350
Murgh Yakhni Pulao Chicken pulao with a rich, flavorful broth PKR 320


Item Description Price
Chicken Seekh Kebab Juicy skewered chicken kebabs PKR 180
Beef Seekh Kebab Flavorful beef kebabs PKR 200
Malai Boti Creamy, tender chicken pieces PKR 220


Item Description Price
Chicken Karahi Spicy chicken curry with tomatoes and green chilies PKR 600
Chicken Handi Creamy chicken curry cooked in a clay pot PKR 650
Beef Nihari Slow-cooked beef stew with rich spices PKR 700


Item Description Price
Raita Yogurt with cucumbers and spices PKR 50
Fresh Green Salad Assorted fresh vegetables PKR 70
Achar Pickled vegetables PKR 50


Item Description Price
Naan Soft, leavened flatbread PKR 30
Roghni Naan Naan topped with sesame seeds and butter PKR 40
Tandoori Roti Traditional whole wheat flatbread PKR 20


Item Description Price
Lassi Traditional yogurt-based drink PKR 100
Soft Drinks Assorted sodas PKR 50
Mineral Water Bottled water PKR 30


Item Description Price
Kheer Rice pudding with milk and sugar PKR 100
Gulab Jamun Deep-fried milk balls in sugar syrup PKR 80
Jalebi Deep-fried spirals soaked in syrup PKR 70

Contact information:

Phone Number: 03138845315

 Tariq Murgh Palao: 

Tariq Murgh Palao is a renowned Pakistani restaurant known for its delicious chicken pulao. With a rich legacy and a strong following, it has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Here is a comprehensive overview of its branches, addresses, timings, services, and customer reviews.

Branches and Addresses:

Restaurant Name Rating Description Address Timings Phone Number Services
Tariq Murgh Palao 4.2 Pakistani restaurant Sargodha Rd, Afshan Colony, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000, Pakistan Open, Closes 10:30 PM +92 313 8845315 Dine-in, Drive-through, Delivery

Location on Google Maps:

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback for Tariq Murgh Palao is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the quality of food, the pleasant dining experience, and the efficient service. Here are some excerpts from reviews:

– Rating: 4.2/5
– **Review:** “The best chicken pulao I’ve ever had. The flavors are authentic and the portions are generous. Highly recommended!”
– Review: “Great place for a family dinner. The drive-through service is quick and the food is always fresh. A must-visit for anyone in Faisalabad.”
– Review: “Delicious food and excellent service. The delivery is fast and the food arrives hot. Perfect for a quick and tasty meal at home.”


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