Super Biryani Menu & Contact And Address Near Me

Super Biryani Contact information:

Phone Number: 0301 5338681

Super Biryani Branches information:

Restaurant NameRatingTypeLocationOpening Hours
Super Biryani and Bun Kabab House4.2RestaurantShop no 1A, V3F4+6WC to 3A Super Biryani, Outram Rd, KarachiOpens at 10 AM, Closed Sun
Ahsan Chicken Biryani4.5RestaurantMakhdoom Rasheed Rd, KarachiOpens at 11 AM, Closed Sun
Al-Rehman Karachi Zaiqa Biryani & Pakwan Center4.5Rice restaurantCaptain Salman Farooq Lodhi Shaheed Rd, KarachiOpens until 10 PM
Madina Yakhni Pulao4.2Pakistani966—A/B, Main Mumtazabad Market Rd, KarachiOpens until 1 AM
SUPER BIRYANI branch # 1BiryaniBank’s street bankon wala bazaar, KarachiContact for hours
Karachi Naseeb Biryani4.0Asian13 B Pahs, Main Rd, KarachiContact for hours
Karachi Chicken Biryani4.0RestaurantVehari Bazar, KarachiOpens until 11 PM
Karachi Biryani4.1Pakistani9MX8+W46, Captain Salman Farooq Lodhi Shaheed Rd, KarachiOpens until 11 PM
Ajmal Chicken Biryani & Naan Shop BBQ4.2RestaurantMain Mubeen market Gulgasht colny, KarachiOpens until 2 AM
Lasani Restaurant & Chargha House3.9PakistaniMasoom Shah Rd, KarachiOpens until 12 AM
Tasty Student Biryani3.9PakistaniDera Adda, Chowk, KarachiOpens until 3 AM
Sindhi Chicken Biryani and Shawarma3.7Pakistani22 Wahdat Rd, KarachiOpens until 11:30 PM

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Additional information:

Super Biryani Restaurant is a celebrated establishment known for its exceptional biryani offerings. Located in [please specify location if known], this restaurant has garnered a reputation for delivering a delightful culinary experience centered around the iconic South Asian dish, biryani. The hallmark of their biryani lies in its aromatic basmati rice, perfectly cooked with tender pieces of meat or fresh vegetables, and infused with a blend of traditional spices that create a symphony of flavors in every bite. Whether you’re a connoisseur of traditional biryani or prefer a modern twist, Super Biryani Restaurant is esteemed for its commitment to quality ingredients and authentic preparation methods, making it a favored destination for biryani enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience

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