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Sohny Sweets Menu information:

Traditional Sweets

Item Description Price (PKR)
Gulab Jamun Deep-fried dough balls in syrup 300/kg
Barfi Sweetened condensed milk fudge 350/kg
Jalebi Deep-fried pretzel in syrup 250/kg
Laddu Sweetened flour and nut balls 300/kg
Rasgulla Soft cheese balls in syrup 320/kg

Cakes & Pastries

Item Description Price (PKR)
Chocolate Cake Rich chocolate layered cake 500/kg
Vanilla Cake Classic vanilla sponge cake 450/kg
Black Forest Cake Chocolate and cherry layer cake 550/kg
Cream Pastry Assorted cream-filled pastries 60/piece
Fruit Pastry Fresh fruit and cream pastries 70/piece

Savory Snacks

Item Description Price (PKR)
Samosa Deep-fried pastry with filling 20/piece
Chicken Roll Spiced chicken wrapped in dough 40/piece
Pakora Deep-fried fritters 250/kg
Dahi Bhalla Lentil dumplings in yogurt 300/plate
Aloo Tikki Spiced potato patties 30/piece

Biscuits & Cookies

Item Description Price (PKR)
Nankhatai Traditional Indian shortbread 350/kg
Almond Cookies Crunchy almond cookies 400/kg
Chocolate Chip Cookies Classic chocolate chip cookies 350/kg
Butter Biscuits Soft butter cookies 300/kg
Oatmeal Cookies Chewy oatmeal cookies 350/kg


Item Description Price (PKR)
Lassi Traditional yogurt-based drink 80/glass
Chai (Tea) Spiced milk tea 50/cup
Coffee Freshly brewed coffee 100/cup
Fresh Juice Seasonal fruit juices 120/glass
Soft Drinks Assorted soft drinks 50/can

Ice Cream & Desserts

Item Description Price (PKR)
Kulfi Traditional ice cream 70/stick
Falooda Vermicelli in sweetened milk 150/glass
Ice Cream Sundae Assorted ice cream with toppings 200/glass
Custard Creamy custard with fruits 120/serving
Trifle Layered dessert with cake, fruits 150/serving

Bread & Bakery

Item Description Price (PKR)
White Bread Freshly baked white bread 60/loaf
Brown Bread Whole wheat bread 80/loaf
Buns Soft, fluffy buns 10/piece
Croissants Buttery, flaky pastries 40/piece
Danish Pastry Sweet, layered pastry 50/piece

Chocolates & Confections

Item Description Price (PKR)
Assorted Chocolates Mixed variety of chocolates 800/kg
Chocolate Truffles Rich, creamy chocolate truffles 1000/kg
Candy Assorted flavored candies 500/kg
Toffee Soft caramel toffees 600/kg
Marshmallows Soft, fluffy marshmallows 400/kg

Dry Fruits

Item Description Price (PKR)
Almonds Raw almonds 1500/kg
Cashews Roasted cashews 1800/kg
Pistachios Salted pistachios 2000/kg
Walnuts Shelled walnuts 1300/kg
Mixed Dry Fruits Assorted dry fruits 1600/kg

Contact information:

Phone number: 0303 0076464


Branches information:

Name Rating Category Address Hours Services Phone
Sohny Sweets 4.2 (2,052) Bakery Sohny Sweets & Bakers 2000 Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM In-store pickup, Delivery +92 21 35838140
Sohny Sweets and Bakers 2000 4.2 (667) Sweets and dessert buffet Badar Commercial Street 10 Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM Drive-through, Delivery, No dine-in +92 21 35849415
Sohny Sweet⁩s and Bakers 2000 4.0 (10) Bakery N/A Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM Takeout +92 301 3345020
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