Shikarpuri Sweets Menu & Contact And Address Near Me

Shikarpuri Sweets Contact information:

Phone Number:  (051) 4852886

Shikarpuri Sweets Branches information:

LocationRatingTypeAddressOpening TimeServicesDirections
Main PWD Rd4.1BakeryMain PWD Rd8 AMDine-in, DeliveryDirections
Hussain Plaza4.2Candy storeHussain Plaza8 AMDeliveryDirections
6th Rd4.2Candy store6th Rd7 AMDeliveryDirections
Adyala Rd4.1BakeryAdyala Rd8 AMDeliveryDirections
7862+68J3.5Bakery7862+68J5 AMDeliveryDirections
Murree Rd4.1BakeryMurree Rd8 AMDeliveryDirections
H4WH+2G94.1Sweets and dessert buffetH4WH+2G98 AMDeliveryDirections

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Additional information:

Shikarpuri Sweets refers to the traditional sweets originating from Shikarpur, a city in Sindh, Pakistan. These sweets are known for their rich flavors and unique recipes that reflect the culinary heritage of the region. Shikarpuri sweets often include a variety of delicacies such as khajoor (date) sweets, petha (a type of sweet candy), and different types of halwa (sweet confections). They are cherished for their taste and are often enjoyed during festive occasions and celebrations.

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