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Rewari Sweets Multan Menu information with Price:

Contact information:

Phone Number: 0303 7231010

Complete Menu Information:

Traditional Sweets

Product Name Description Price (PKR)
Gulab Jamun Soft, juicy milk-solid balls 500/kg
Barfi Creamy sweet made from condensed milk 600/kg
Jalebi Crispy, syrupy spirals 400/kg
Ladoo Sweet balls made of flour and sugar 450/kg
Rasgulla Spongy balls made from chenna 550/kg
Sohan Halwa Traditional Multani sweet 700/kg
Pateesa Flaky, layered sweet 650/kg
Balushahi Sweet, deep-fried doughnuts 450/kg


Product Name Description Price (PKR)
Kaju Katli Cashew nut fudge 800/kg
Kalakand Milk and sugar fudge 600/kg
Cham Cham Sweet, spongy dessert 550/kg
Rabri Thickened, sweetened milk 700/kg
Badam Halwa Almond halwa 750/kg
Besan Ladoo Gram-flour sweet balls 500/kg
Coconut Barfi Coconut fudge 550/kg
Gajar Halwa Carrot-based sweet dessert 600/kg

Bakery Items

Product Name Description Price (PKR)
Plain Cake Simple, soft sponge cake 300/kg
Chocolate Cake Rich chocolate sponge cake 500/kg
Cream Rolls Puff pastry filled with cream 40/piece
Biscuits Various types of cookies 300/kg
Patties Flaky pastry with savory filling 50/piece
Rusk Twice-baked bread 250/kg
Donuts Fried dough with sweet toppings 60/piece
Muffins Small, flavored sponge cakes 70/piece


Product Name Description Price (PKR)
Namak Paray Crispy, salty snacks 300/kg
Mix Nimco Assorted savory snacks 350/kg
Chaney Spicy roasted chickpeas 250/kg
Masala Peanuts Spiced peanuts 300/kg
Daal Sev Crispy lentil noodles 350/kg
Papri Crispy, flat savory snacks 300/kg
Bhujia Spicy, crunchy noodles 350/kg
Khata Meetha Sweet and sour mix 350/kg


Product Name Description Price (PKR)
Lassi Traditional yogurt-based drink 100/glass
Falooda Sweet beverage with noodles 150/glass
Shikanjvi Lemonade 80/glass
Milkshake Flavored milkshake 120/glass
Rooh Afza Rose-flavored drink 90/glass
Cold Drinks Assorted carbonated drinks 50/can
Tea Traditional black tea 50/cup
Coffee Hot or cold coffee 100/cup

Rewari Sweets Information:

Rewari Sweet Mart and its associated bakeries offer a delightful array of traditional Pakistani sweets, baked goods, and snacks. Located in various areas across Pakistan, including Multan, these establishments are renowned for their high-quality products and excellent customer service. From delectable candies to freshly baked bread and savory snacks, Rewari Sweet Mart caters to the diverse tastes of its patrons. Whether you’re craving a classic sweet treat or seeking a savory snack to accompany your tea, Rewari Sweet Mart has something to satisfy every palate. With convenient operating hours and options for in-store pickup and delivery, indulging in the scrumptious offerings of Rewari Sweet Mart is always a delightful experience.

Rewari Sweets Branches information:

Shop Name Rating Category Address Operating Hours Contact Number
Rewari Sweet Mart 4.5 Candy store 5FWG+92R Chowk, Hussain Agahi Rd Open – Closes 11:30 PM +92 303 7231010
New Rewari Sweets & Bakers 4.5 Candy store 6F2V+FH5, Masoom Shah Rd, Bahar Chowk, Jan Mohammad Colony Open – Closes 10:30 PM
New Ahmad Rewari Sweets & Bakers 4.2 Candy store Nawabpur Rd Open – Closes 9:30 PM +92 304 5850125
Pakeeza Rewari Sweets 4.4 Candy store 5CHR+2MX, Rashid Minhas Rd Open – Closes 11 PM +92 61 4572870
Rewari Bakers and Fast Food Shop 4.3 Bakery 5FWF+5PP, Hussain Agahi Rd Open – Closes 11 PM +92 300 0632037

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