Butt Sweets and Bakers Menu & Contact Number, Price and Address Near me

Butt Sweets and Bakers Menu information:


Item Price (PKR)
Gulab Jamun 600/kg
Barfi 700/kg
Jalebi 500/kg
Rasgulla 650/kg
Ladoo 600/kg
Sohan Halwa 800/kg
Milk Cake 750/kg
Petha 550/kg
Cham Cham 700/kg
Karachi Halwa 850/kg


Item Price (PKR)
Chocolate Cake 1200/kg
Vanilla Cake 1100/kg
Black Forest Cake 1300/kg
Pineapple Cake 1200/kg
Red Velvet Cake 1400/kg
Fruit Cake 1500/kg
Coffee Cake 1350/kg
Carrot Cake 1250/kg
Marble Cake 1300/kg
Butter Scotch Cake 1400/kg


Item Price (PKR)
Chocolate Pastry 150 each
Vanilla Pastry 140 each
Black Forest Pastry 160 each
Pineapple Pastry 150 each
Red Velvet Pastry 170 each
Fruit Pastry 180 each
Coffee Pastry 160 each
Carrot Pastry 150 each
Marble Pastry 160 each
Butter Scotch Pastry 170 each

Biscuits & Cookies

Item Price (PKR)
Butter Cookies 500/kg
Chocolate Chip Cookies 600/kg
Almond Biscuits 700/kg
Coconut Cookies 550/kg
Oatmeal Cookies 650/kg
Nankhatai 450/kg
Peanut Butter Cookies 600/kg
Shortbread Biscuits 550/kg
Jam Biscuits 500/kg
Date Cookies 700/kg

Bread & Buns

Item Price (PKR)
White Bread 80/loaf
Whole Wheat Bread 100/loaf
Multigrain Bread 120/loaf
Buns (6 pieces) 60
Hot Dog Buns (4 pieces) 70
Burger Buns (4 pieces) 80
Garlic Bread 150/loaf
Cheese Bread 180/loaf
Brioche 200/loaf
Croissants (4 pieces) 250


Item Price (PKR)
Chicken Patties 100 each
Beef Patties 110 each
Vegetable Patties 90 each
Chicken Rolls 120 each
Beef Rolls 130 each
Samosas (Chicken) 70 each
Samosas (Beef) 80 each
Samosas (Vegetable) 60 each
Spring Rolls 100 each
Chicken Sandwich 150 each


Item Price (PKR)
Karachi Halwa 850/kg
Sohan Halwa 800/kg
Milk Cake 750/kg
Cham Cham 700/kg
Petha 550/kg

Contact information:

Phone Number: 0302 1074315

Branches Details:

Name Rating Type Address Operating Hours Contact Services
Butt Bakers & Sweets 1.0 Bakery 6F2V+CWJ, Masoom Shah Rd, Bahar Chowk, Muslim Town Not specified Not specified Takeout
Butt Sweet No reviews Bakery 5GHF+CQ3, Budhla Sant Rd Closes 12 AM +92 302 1074315 Takeout
Butt Sweets and Curd 4.0 Bakery 5CGR+XP3, Rashid Minhas Rd Closes 1 AM +92 306 7755282 In-store shopping, Delivery
Butt Sweets 4.5 Dessert shop 5FRH+VC6 Closes 2 AM Not specified Takeout
Butt Sweets & Bakers 4.2 Bakery Aslam arcade, 16 McLoed Road, Lakshmi Chowk Closes 10 PM +92 335 4005801 In-store pickup, Delivery
Butt Sweets & Bakers 4.0 Bakery C7VG+GX8, PIA Main Boulevard Closes 11:55 PM +92 335 4005813 Delivery
Butt Sweets & Bakers 4.0 Bakery G799+RPR, Main Boulevard Sabzazar Closes 12 AM +92 335 4005811 In-store pickup, Delivery
Butt Sweets & Bakers 4.1 Bakery F9RC+XG3, Service Rd, near Koray stop Closes 11 PM +92 335 4005818 Takeout, Delivery, No dine-in
Butt Sweets & Bakers 4.0 Bakery G, I, D.H.A. Main Blvd Closes 1 AM +92 335 4005821 Delivery
Butt Sweets & Bakers 3.8 Bakery Plot C 201 Not specified Not specified Delivery
Butt Sweet & Bakers 4.1 Bakery 99H7+2M9, Service Road Open 24 hours +92 335 4005890 Delivery
Butt Sweets 3.9 Bakery F7CH+XGC Closes 12:30 AM +92 42 35979014 Dine-in, Takeout, Delivery
Butt Sweets and Bakers 4.1 Food and drink Near Morr, Ilyas Colony Closes 12 AM +92 335 4005816 Not specified
Butt Sweets and Bakers 4.1 Bakery Saddar Cant, 489 Tufail Rd Closes 12 AM +92 335 4005819 Takeout
Butt Sweets & Bakers 4.0 Bakery C936+9F3, Lahore – Kasur Rd Closes 12 AM +92 335 4005854 Delivery

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Additional information:

Butt Sweets & Bakers is a renowned chain of bakeries in Pakistan, celebrated for its wide array of delectable sweets, baked goods, and desserts. Established with a commitment to quality and taste, Butt Sweets & Bakers has become a household name for those with a sweet tooth. Below is detailed information about various branches, their addresses, operating hours, and customer reviews.

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